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02 Nov4 reasons to serve a niche market


Most people fail to see the prospect in niche market. Instead of competing with the large players, you can target a niche market for your startup. By serving a niche, market companies focus on meeting the needs of a smaller group of customers. Many niche markets have been extremely successful recently.  Here are some of the reasons for targeting a niche market.

Specific interest


By targeting a niche market, you offer product or service that matches the need of a particular group of audience who share similar values and lifestyle. So, you can focus on specific interest and make sure that the product or service is of very high quality.

Better respond to competition


Unlike large players who compete by cutting their cost, niche businesses compete by innovation and high-quality products. This gives better value to the customers.

Employees are handled well


Niche businesses adopt good human resource policies. They understand that the company needs talented employees to make products with superior quality. They pay higher wages to their employees than the industry average. So, employee retention rate is also higher in case of niche businesses.

Growth opportunities


Niche businesses can expand globally. Many venture capitalists choose to invest in niche businesses. Also, many large companies acquire niche businesses. So, there are many growth opportunities for niche businesses.

So, focusing on niche market can be extremely profitable. With the best people on board and using the right marketing strategies, you can have a very successful niche business.

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02 Nov4 reasons why local SEO will get you more customers


Local SEO is a great way to promote your business locally. It lets the local businesses to promote their products or services to the local customers at a time they are searching for similar product or service. Local SEO is highly targeted. It can bring good returns to your business. These are the reasons why you should use local SEO.

People search online for local business


It is found that about 64% of local customers use online search engines to find local business. Fewer people now look into their local newspaper to search for businesses. People are not turning to the internet for information regarding local business.

Highly targeted and timely


Local search engines are highly targeted. They promote your business to the local customers when they are searching for similar products or services. So the timing of marketing is excellent. You have little wasted in case of local SEO, making it an efficient and cost effect marketing solution for your local business.

High conversion rates


Local SEO marketing has higher conversion rates than any other form of marketing. According to a study, 1 in 2 leads converts to actual customer due to local SEO marketing.

Growth of mobile internet usage


Local customers now use mobile apps to find the best local business while they are on the go. Local SEO also includes the PC users. So, you don’t miss out a potential customer with local SEO.

You can submit your local business in many directories for free. So, local SEO is a very cost effective solution for your business. 70% of local customers now trust online business reviews. So, local SEO is a great word of mouth strategy to promote your business.

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02 Nov5 major benefits of directory submission


A basic step in SEO campaign is to submit your website to quality directories. When a site is listed in SEO-friendly directories, it gives great results. Here are five major benefits of directory submission.

Quick indexing

If you submit your website to quality directories, the search engines can detect your site faster. So, your sites can get crawled and indexed frequently. Search engines value your website more when they are submitted to these directories.

Chance of getting quality backlinks

Submitting your site on directories increases the chance of getting good backlinks. Quality backlinks improve the website rankings. So, more visitors will be able to view your site.

Quality traffic

Some directories have millions of visitors each day. You can have targeted traffic to your website from these sites. This increases the conversion rate, and so you will earn more revenue.

Brand building

Submitting your site to directories enhances your brand image. The traffic increases and so more people start to interact with your company’s content. You start to build a better relationship with your visitors. So, your brand reputation improves.

Social media sharing

There are social media sharing button on the directory sites. So, the visitors can easily share your business information with their social networks. This increases the exposure of your business.

If you have quality directory submissions, it will improve your revenue and brand image. So, you should submit your sites to quality directories. This will increase the chance of getting more visitors to your site.

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