02 Nov4 reasons why local SEO will get you more customers

Local SEO is a great way to promote your business locally. It lets the local businesses to promote their products or services to the local customers at a time they are searching for similar product or service. Local SEO is highly targeted. It can bring good returns to your business. These are the reasons why you should use local SEO.

People search online for local business


It is found that about 64% of local customers use online search engines to find local business. Fewer people now look into their local newspaper to search for businesses. People are not turning to the internet for information regarding local business.

Highly targeted and timely


Local search engines are highly targeted. They promote your business to the local customers when they are searching for similar products or services. So the timing of marketing is excellent. You have little wasted in case of local SEO, making it an efficient and cost effect marketing solution for your local business.

High conversion rates


Local SEO marketing has higher conversion rates than any other form of marketing. According to a study, 1 in 2 leads converts to actual customer due to local SEO marketing.

Growth of mobile internet usage


Local customers now use mobile apps to find the best local business while they are on the go. Local SEO also includes the PC users. So, you don’t miss out a potential customer with local SEO.

You can submit your local business in many directories for free. So, local SEO is a very cost effective solution for your business. 70% of local customers now trust online business reviews. So, local SEO is a great word of mouth strategy to promote your business.

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